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Satellite Digital Video Recorders
Satellite TV providers offer their own DVRs, DirecTV includes TiVo service on their DVRs, while Dish Network has their own stand alone DVRs. Take a look at ...
Should You Buy a DVR? - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Update: The world of DVRs has changed pretty drastically since the debut of the TiVo ... These DVRs are leased and remain the property of the Cable or Satellite  ...
High Definition (HD) Options for Digital Video Recording (DVR)
If you are a Cable subscriber, there are HD DVRs available to lease from the providers for a monthly fee. Satellite providers have HD DVRs available to ...
Why DVD Recorders Are Getting Harder To Find - Home Theater
As mentioned above, cable/satellite DVRs and TIVO do allow recording of most content (except for pay-per-view and on-demand programming). However, since  ...
How Much Does Your DVR Cost? - Tivo, Cable, Satellite
No matter which type of price you want to pay, there's a DVR on the market for you. Here's a look at your options when it comes to DVRs in regards to price.
Recording From A TIVO or Cable/Satellite DVR to a ... - Home Theater
DVR to DVD Recording. With the increasing popularity of Digital video recorders, such as TIVO and Cable/Satellite DVRs, one question is what to do when their ...
Where Are All The DVRs? - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Many of the articles here are written to cover either TiVo, Moxi, HTPCs or cable and satellite provided DVRs. It may seem at times that there's a very narrow focus  ...
How do Set Top Digital Video Recorders ( DVR ) work? Learn more ...
Set Top Digital Video Recorders or DVRs (also known as Personal Video Recorders ... Digital Video Recorders (DVR) replace a standard cable box or satellite ...
Understanding Copy Protection - Digital Video Recording - About.com
When digital cable/satellite DVRs, TiVos, HTPCs tune to a channel, one of the first things they receive is CCI information. This information is two bytes long and  ...
( DVR ) from Dish Network. - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Dish Network offers two different DVRs, one with high definition capabilities. Both of these DVRs also double as the satellite receiver for the satellite dish ...
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