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Why should I use a DVR instead of a VCR? - Digital Video Recording
Answer: When using a VCR, you could set a program to record and then ... of a show while the show continues to record, something a VCR could never do.
Transfer Video from an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD
Transferring Video recorded on an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD Recorder is very simple! For this tutorial I am using a Canon 8mm Camcorder as my ...
How to Connect Both a DVD Recorder and VCR to a TV
When using a DVD recorder, many consumers are face the dilemma as to how to add it to their current VCR and Television setup simply. In the following article I ...
Hook Up a VCR or DVD Recorder to a TV With Single Tuner Picture ...
Here is an easy, quick hook-up guide for connecting your Cable and VCR or DVD recorder to a TV that has a single tuner Picture-In-Picture function (provided  ...
Best DVD Recorder - VHS VCR Combinations - Home Theater
For those that are replacing a VCR and want a DVD recorder, this option gives you the best of the old and the new. You can use these units to play DVDs and ...
Using a VCR to Record From a DTV Converter Box - TV/Video
Is it possible to record TV programming on a VCR when using a Digital (DTV) converter box?
Watch One Channel & Record Another With a DTV Box & VCR
One of the most common questions I get from readers is “can I use a DTV converter box and still record one channel on my VCR while watching another on my ...
HDTV Tutorial: Record Digital TV on a VCR - TV/Video - About.com
Using an antenna to record broadcast digital TV on a VCR is virtually the same process for a high definition television (HDTV) as with an analog TV.
Connecting a VCR, DVD Recorder, and Analog TV ... - Home Theater
The end of analog TV broadcasting has arrived. However, along with analog TVs, your VCR or DVD recorder may also be affected. If you have a TV, VCR, and ...
DTV Transition, HDTV, and Your VCR And/or DVD Recorder
The end of analog TV broadcasting has arrived. However, along with analog televisions, your VCR or DVD recorder may also be affected. Check out all the ...
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