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Why should I use a DVR instead of a VCR? - Digital Video Recording
VCRs enjoyed a long run as the number one device for recording TV. Today, Digital Video Recorders have changed the way we watch and record our favorite  ...
Transfer Video from an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD Recorder
Transferring Video recorded on an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD Recorder is very simple! For this tutorial I am using a Canon 8mm Camcorder as my ...
Connecting Both a DVD Recorder and a VCR to a Television ...
With the increasing use of DVD recorders, many consumers are facing the dilemma as to how to add a new DVD recorder to their current VCR and Television ...
How to Clean Your VCR Heads - Home Theater
A simple how to on cleaning your vcr tape heads, head drum, and other parts inside your VCR.
Best DVD Recorder - VHS VCR Combinations - Home Theater
For those that are both replacing a VCR and want a DVD recorder, this flexible option gives you the best of the old and the new.
DVD Player/VCR Combos - Home Theater - About.com
If you looking for a way to play both VHS tapes and DVDs without having to buy two separate units, check out my list of DVD player/VCR combos.
Using a VCR to Record From a DTV Converter Box - TV/Video
Is it possible to record TV programming on a VCR when using a Digital (DTV) converter box?
VCR - How Do You Use a VCR with Digital TV?
The loss of analog means the tuner inside the VCR is useless. Consumers that want to watch and record different channels at the same time need to learn a new  ...
HDTV Tutorial: Record Digital TV on a VCR - TV/Video - About.com
Using an antenna to record broadcast digital TV on a VCR is virtually the same process for a high definition television (HDTV) as with an analog TV.
Connecting a Digital Cable Box or Satellite Receiver, VCR and DVD ...
Connecting a Digital Cable Box or Satellite Receiver, VCR and DVD Player to a TV.
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