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DVR Solutions and Options - Digital Video Recording - About.com
There are a good number of options to consider when looking for a DVR. As with anything else, running through the pros and cons is sometimes the best way to ...
Top 5 DVR Platforms - List and Description - Digital Video Recording
Many people will argue about which DVR is the best. Honestly, they each have their pluses and minuses so arguing about "The Best!" becomes a moot point.
Before you buy a DVR - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Buying your first DVR (Digital Video Recorder) can be tricky. For a long time it was a straight forward proposition. Selection was limited and there weren't many  ...
How do Set Top Digital Video Recorders ( DVR ) work? Learn more ...
Digital Video Recorders (DVR) replace a standard cable box or satellite receiver for users to interact with. A person uses an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to ...
High Definition (HD) Options for Digital Video Recording (DVR)
The DVRs offer all the functionality of a standard DVR (like TiVo) but also allow for viewing and recording of HD broadcasts. If you are a Cable subscriber, there ...
Should You Buy a DVR? - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Does it still make sense to buy a DVR when your cable company will rent you one? Yeah? Hmm, let's make sure.
Top 5 Reasons for Owning A DVR
The latest numbers show that only about 40% of Americans own a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). As well, only 60% of those who own DVRs actually use them.
Digital Video Recording - TiVo - Moxi - HTPC
... recording from set-top boxes to TiVo, HTPCs and DVD and Blu-ray recorders. Check back often for the latest reviews, news and updates in the DVR space!
Reviews/Top Picks for DVRs, TV Tuner Cards, Media PCs
Reviews/Top Picks for DVD Recorders, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), TV Tuner Cards and Media Center PCs.
Where Are All The DVRs? - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Understanding why there are so few DVR choices in the market today.
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