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Should You Buy a DVR? - Digital Video Recording - About.com
And if you don't own a TiVo, you'll likely end up using one of the DVRs supplied by your cable company. If you are still interested in buying a DVR, we have ...
Samsung H3272 - MoCA DVR Review - Digital Video Recording
If you use your cable company's provided DVR, you are probably used to their user interface, guide functions and settings. I personally think that most cable and  ...
Cable DVRs - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Cable TV providers are now offering DVRs as part of their service. Find out more about cable digital video recorders.
How Much Does Your DVR Cost? - Tivo, Cable, Satellite
No matter which type of price you want to pay, there's a DVR on the market for you. Here's a look at your options when it comes to DVRs in regards to price.
High Definition (HD) Options for Digital Video Recording (DVR)
The DVRs offer all the functionality of a standard DVR (like TiVo) but also allow for viewing and recording of HD broadcasts. If you are a Cable subscriber, there ...
Provider or Third-Party DVR: Which Is Best for You?
When it comes to choosing a DVR, here in the US, we're pretty limited. Most, if not all, of the content providers (cable/satellite) offer some sort of DVR service and ...
Recording With Dual Tuners, Motorola DCT6412 Cable DVR
If you are a Digital Cable Subscriber, chances are you have the option of subscribing to Digital Video Recorder service from your Cable company. The Motorola ...
Avoiding DVR Subscription Fees - Some Options
Several ways to get a DVR experience without paying a monthly DVR fee. ... can be used to record programming from cable, satellite or over-the-air signals.
Where Are All The DVRs? - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Many of the articles here are written to cover either TiVo, Moxi, HTPCs or cable and satellite provided DVRs. It may seem at times that there's a very narrow focus  ...
Top 5 DVR Platforms - List and Description - Digital Video Recording
From cable, to over-the-air, all you need is the right tuner installed. Since hard drives can be added at anytime, you never have to run out of recording space.
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