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Top 5 DVR Platforms - List and Description - Digital Video Recording
A current TiVo Premiere DVR will cost you anywhere from $99 to $499 depending on the model and contract you select. When compared to a service provider's ...
How Much Does Your DVR Cost? - Tivo, Cable, Satellite
Being one of the most popular third party DVRs on the market, TiVo is the obvious device for us to look at next. Using the term "device" is misleading however as ...
DirecTV Digital Video Recorder ( DVR ) with TiVo. Info on the ...
DirecTV offers Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) that include the TiVo menus and Electronic Programming Guide (EPG). New customers can purchase one of ...
Recording From A TIVO or Cable/Satellite DVR to a ... - Home Theater
With the increasing use of Digital video recorders, such as TIVO and Cable/ Satellite DVRs, is what to do when their hard drives get full. One thing you can do is ...
PlayTV - Using the PS3 as a TiVo/DVR
Perhaps the biggest single advantage that PlayTV seems to have over TiVo and other DVR systems is its connectivity with the PSP. You can not only view live ...
Midcontinent Jumps on the Tivo Bandwagon - Digital Video Recording
Given the choice between an MSO DVR with only two tuners, limited storage space and no chance of upgrades, I'd take a TiVo Q DVR any day. It seems to me  ...
Connecting an SDV Adapter to a TiVo DVR - Digital Video Recording
Step-by-step instructions on connecting a cable company provided SDV adapter to your TiVo DVR.
Using TiVo with Over-the-Air - Set-up & Features
While DirecTV has recently launched their TiVo STB, not everyone has a cable ... There aren't any other viable options on the market for OTA DVRs at this time ...
How Much Does TiVo Cost? - Equipment & Service Plans
The 80 Hour TiVo Series 2 DT DVR is TiVo's newest DVR, and includes dual tuners for the ability to record two programs at once, or watch one show while ...
Should You Buy a DVR? - Digital Video Recording - About.com
Update: The world of DVRs has changed pretty drastically since the debut of the TiVo. For a while there were some competitors, but only TiVo has remained ...
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