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Why should I use a DVR instead of a VCR? - Digital Video Recording
DVRs with two TV tuners (the most common type today) allow you to record one program while watching another, or record two shows at the same time, all while  ...
Transfer Video from an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD Recorder
Transferring Video recorded on an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD Recorder is very simple! For this tutorial I am using a Canon 8mm Camcorder as my ...
What is the difference between DVD and Video CD?
VCDs can be said to be about the quality of a VHS videotape, and can hold ... The Difference Between Movie DVDs And DVDs Made On A DVD recorder Or PC ?
Pros and Cons: DVD-Recorder vs VCR vs DVR
A comparison of good and bad features associated with DVD-recorders, video cassette recorders and digital video recorders.
Best DVD Recorder - VHS VCR Combinations - Home Theater
However, keep in mind that DVD recorder/VCR combos cannot be used to copy commercially made DVD movies to VHS or commercially made VHS movies to ...
How to Connect Both a DVD Recorder and VCR to a TV
To connect a DVD recorder to a television (with no VCR present), just connect your cable or antenna feed to the antenna/cable input of the DVD recorder and ...
How to Connect a DVD Recorder to a Television
Now that you've received or bought a brand new DVD Recorder, how do you hook it ... To Transfer Video from an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD Recorder ...
Transfer Video From Digital Recorder to a DVD Recorder
If you own a Digital Video Recorder, such as TiVo, or a DVR from a Cable or ... to the device's hard drive to view TV shows at a later time, much like the old VCR.
Recording From A TIVO or Cable/Satellite DVR to a ... - Home Theater
The physical process of recording from a TIVO or Cable/Satellite DVR to a DVD recorder is the same as recording to a VCR, or a DVD recorder/VCR combo.
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Tip: Watch While Recording
The difference between using a VCR vs. a DVR or PC is that the VCR is using tape to record, whereas the PC or DVR records to a hard drive, which can be ...
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