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Why should I use a DVR instead of a VCR? - Digital Video Recording
The FAQ below answers the question, why would you want to use a DVR over a VCR? Answer: When using a VCR, you could set a program to record and then ...
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Tip: Watch While Recording
The difference between using a VCR vs. a DVR or PC is that the VCR is using tape to record, whereas the PC or DVR records to a hard drive, which can be ...
What is the difference between DVD and Video CD?
The bottom line on DVDs vs. VCDs is that DVDs can hold at least double the ... Cavan Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images · What Will You Pay for Your DVR?
Pros and Cons: DVD-Recorder vs VCR vs DVR
A comparison of good and bad features associated with DVD-recorders, video cassette recorders and digital video recorders.
Best DVD Recorder - VHS VCR Combinations - Home Theater
For those that are both replacing a VCR and want a DVD recorder, this ... Toshiba DVR-620 DVD Recorder/VCR Combination - Image provided by Toshiba.
The Difference Between S-VHS and S-Video - Home Theater
S-VHS recordings cannot be played on a standard VHS VCR, unless the ... or recorded on a DVD recorder or DVR with S-Video inputs, or an S-VHS VCR, which ...
Transfer Video from an Analog Camcorder or VCR to a DVD
Power on the Analog Camcorder or VCR and put it into Playback mode. Insert the tape you want to ... What Will You Pay for Your DVR? Basics for Digital Video ...
DVD Recorders with ATSC Tuner
In fact, effective March 1, 2007 all televisions regardless of screen size, and all devices which include a tuner (VCR, DVD player/recorder, DVR) must include a ...
DVD Record Modes - Recording Times for DVDs - Home Theater
Also, keep in mind, just as with VCR recordings, the less recording time you use to fill the disc the better the quality and compatibility with playback on other DVD  ...
Connect a Digital Cable Box, VCR and DVD Player to a TV - TV/Video
How do I connect a digital cable box, VCR and DVD player to a TV that does ... How to Fix Your Digital TV Reception · The Verdict on DirecTV Vs Dish Network ...
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