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Review of the Motorola DCT6208/6412 DVR

Can Motorola Give TiVo a Run for Its Money?

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Review of the Motorola DCT6208/6412 DVR
Review of the Motorola DCT6208/6412 DVR
The Motorola DCT6208 and DCT6412 Digital Video Recorders are high end DVRs available from many Cable Television providers. These Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) offer many advanced features for today, as well as features with an eye to the future. These DVRs double as HDTV tuners, and allow for recording of HD broadcasts.

Current Features

HDTV and DVR functionality in one unit
Pause, rewind and play live SD and HD broadcasts
Full Feature Access From Front Panel
Rear panel L/R audio and video outputs
Full range of audio and video connections including component, S-Video , DVI-D, IEEE 1394 (Firewire), SPDIF optical and coaxial digital out
Integrated High Definition decoder with component output
DCT6208 80 GB storage capacity
DCT6412 120 GB storage capacity
PCM, AC-3, Dolby 5.1 Prologic Digital audio capability

The Motorola DCT6208 is a single tuner DVR. You cannot watch one program while recording another. You can, however, watch a previously recorded program while another is recording.

The Motorola DCT6412 is a dual tuner DVR. The dual tuner lets you do two things at once: watch a live program while recording another or record two programs that are on at the same time. The 6412 also allows you to watch a previously recorded program while another is recording.

Features intended for future use

Front Panel USB and L/R audio and video inputs
Front Smart Card Slot
2 Rear USB connectors
Rear Ethernet connection for networking

Overview of features

Record all your favorite shows.

With the Motorola DCT6208 or DCT6412 it's easy to program your favorite shows to record all season long. The DCT6208 can record 30 hours of standard definition (SD) or 7 hours of high definition (HD) programming.

Set Up

In most cases when you contact your Cable provider they will install the Motorola DVR for you. However, this usually only involves them connecting the RF cable out from the wall to the RF input on the DVR, and then the RF out from the DVR to your television. While this will get the cable TV to your television, it does not take advantage of the many outputs these DVRs have to offer. The Motorola 6208/6412 DVRs include S-Video, composite and component outputs. Most newer TVs include an S-Video input and some include a component input. Component gives you the sharpest picture, followed next by S-Video and finally, composite. These DVRs also include a DVI-D interface to connect to High Definition TVs for a superior HD picture.

Instead of using the sound from the RF cable, the Motorola DVRs include RCA audio out jacks and superior digital outputs, optical and coaxial, for 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, when connected to a 5.1 Surround Receiver.

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