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How To Burn a DVD using Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3.0


Ulead DVD Movie Factory

Ulead DVD Movie Factory

Burning a DVD of your home videos or captured TV shows is simple using Ulead's DVD Movie Factory 3.0 software. In this tutorial I will go over the steps to burning a DVD using Ulead's DVD Movie Factory 3.0 software and what you'll need before starting. Remember to use the correct format for your DVD Drive. If your drive burns to DVD+R/RW, make sure you're using a DVD+R or DVD+RW disc.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Depends on length of source video

Here's How:

  1. Turn on your PC.
  2. Insert a blank recordable DVD (remember to use the proper format for your drive).
  3. Capture Video or TV to your hard drive. You can skip this step if you already have Video or TV stored on your hard drive that you want to put on DVD.
  4. Open the Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3.0 software by going to Start/All Programs/Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3.0.
  5. Click on Create Video Disc to start a new project.
  6. A Window pops up asking if you want to create a new project (this is the default) and asks if you want to output to DVD, VCD or SVCD. Since we'll be burning a DVD, choose DVD (this is the default). Click OK.
  7. The main Ulead screen will now pop up. You now have 4 choices to import Video to the program.

    The first option is to Capture Videos from a Video Device. The second option is to Add Video Files. The third option is to Create a Slideshow. The final option is Import DVD-Video or DVD-VR files. Since we want to burn a DVD from an existing Video file, we will choose number two, Add Video Files.
  8. Click on Add Video Files and a new Window pops up that lets you browse for Video files to add to the project. My files can be found in My Documents/My Videos. Highlight the file you want to burn to DVD and click Open. The clip will now appear in the TV screen on the main page and in a timeline on the bottom of the screen.
  9. At this point, you can add additional Video files or trim, enhance or add chapter points to the Video file. If you add chapter points, one nice feature is the ability to add random chapters at specific time intervals. For example, a chapter point can be added to the video every 3 minutes.

    If you want a Menu to appear before your DVD starts playing click on the Create Menu box, otherwise leave it blank for no Menu.
  10. Click Next, and if you checked the Create Menu box, a screen comes up for creating a Menu. Skip to Step 11 if you did not create a Menu. The Menu creation screen lets you add titles to your Menu. You can use a Template for a background or create a custom background. You can even add music to the Menu and have motion backgrounds. Click Next when you finish creating the Menu.
  11. This screen allows you to preview your Video before burning to DVD. Click Next when you're ready to continue to the burning screen.
  12. This screen is where you will burn the DVD. There are a few options available before starting the burning process. You can burn a DVD-Video (which will make the disc playback only) or burn a DVD+VR, which allows you to edit the DVD later. In addition, you can normalize the audio, in case the audio fluctuates dramatically on the Video.
  13. Once you're satisfied with the different options, click on Output and the Video file(s) will be burned to the recordable DVD.

    The burning process can take awhile depending on the length of the Video file and the speed of your DVD recordable drive, so be patient. When the disc is finished burning, the program will eject the disc and ask if you want to continue or close the program.


  1. When you are recording to DVD, make sure the disc you are recording to is the right format for your drive. For example, a drive that burns to DVD-R/RW would require a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc.
  2. Store all of your video files in one folder on your hard drive for easy access. Windows makes this easy by including a "My Videos" folder in the "My Documents" folder.
  3. Place your recordable DVD into the DVD Drive before starting the Ulead application.
  4. Recordable DVDs are available in speeds up to 16x. Don't worry about using a higher speed disc than your DVD Drives speed. The high speed discs are backwards-compatible with slower DVD Drives.
  5. Ulead has recently released Version 4.0 of the DVD Movie Factory, which is similar to Version 3.0 used in this tutorial.

    For a free trial click here. Its a large download file (almost 100MB), so only do it if you have a fast internet connection.

What You Need

  • PC running Windows XP
  • Captured video clip on your hard drive
  • DVD Recordable Drive
  • DVD Recordable Disc
  • Ulead DVD Movie Factory 3.0 installed on your PC
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