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Recording streaming media just got possible


Recording streaming media just got possible
Adam Thursby

When most people think of a DVR, they think about recording content from their cable or satellite provider. Maybe even buying a TiVo to record over-the-air transmissions. What doesn't usually cross their mind is the recording of online content. What's the point when the content is available on-demand at any time you want to view it? The case can be made however that you may want to watch TV while flying, on the road or while spending time somewhere with no internet connection. At that point, having shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu Plus or any of the network sites might be desired.

PlayLater aims to do exactly that. Acting as a DVR for online content, PlayLater will basically download and allow for offline playback of video and audio content from some of the top site on the internet. These include Netflix, Pandora, PBSKids, Nickelodeon, Vevo and Youtube. You can also add other content by adding third-party plugins which expands the standard offering. The company claims that use of the software is completely legal much like the VCR or DVR that sits in your home. Time will tell if content providers will end up blocking the service but for now, you can take those movies and shows with you where you couldn't before due to lack of connectivity.

The software is currently being offered on a free trial basis and it's not yet possible to buy a copy. The company promises that your trial won't expire until you can purchase a license however.

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