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DVD Recordable Formats

Confused about the different DVD recordable formats? Look no further.

What is the difference between DVD and Video CD?
What is the difference between a DVD and a Video CD?

Using Corel DVD MovieFactory to save and share family memories
How to create a DVD with HD video using Corel DVD MovieFactory

What is the Difference Between Dual-Layer DVD and Double-Sided DVD?
The Difference between Dual-Layer DVDs and Double Sided DVDs.

16x Dual-Format Double-Layer Internal DVD Writer or DVD Burner
How do you decipher a product that reads 16x Dual-Format Double-Layer Internal 8.5 GB DVD Writer or DVD Burner?

Types of recordable DVD
Overview of recordable DVD formats.

DVD Sizes, What is DVD-5, DVD-10, DVD-9 and DVD-18?
Descriptions of DVD sizes DVD-5, DVD-10, DVD-9 and DVD-18.

DVD Recording Software
A Definition of DVD Recording Software.

DVD Region Codes
An article by Robert Silva, the Guide to Home Theater, about DVD Region Codes.

Article from Robert Silva, the Guide to Home Theater, on DVD Standards
Read about the different worldwide standards for DVD: PAL, NTSC and SECAM

What is HD DVD and Blu-Ray?
Information about the new DVD formats on the horizon.

HD-DVD and Blu-ray information
Learn more about the next generation DVD formats from Robert Silva, Guide to Home Theater.

Converting DVDs for Portable Use
If you travel frequently or have a long commute, taking video content with you on the go can be vital. Here we work through your options for taking your DVD collection with you.

Which DVD Media is Right for You?
Media Description for DVD Recorder Media

Choosing the Right DVD Recorder For You
Considerations When Buying a DVD Recorder

DVD Recorders Gone, Now What?
DVD Recorders Gone, Now What?

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