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Decipher a 16x Dual-Format Double-Layer Internal 8.5 GB DVD Writer or DVD Burner

What is it?


When surfing the internet for a new DVD Burner, you may come across several different phrases unfamiliar to you. The new DVD Burners or Writers will include phrases like "16x" "Double-Layer" or "Dual-Format". Or possibly "internal" "external" or "lightscribe". So how do you decipher all this technical jargon. That's easy, read all about it on About.com of course!

Write speed
A drive that advertises as 16x means it can write a DVD in a speed of 16 times real time. Most drives write to DVD-R or DVD+R at 16x, while writing to CD-R at 40x. While a Double-Layer DVD will usually write at 2.4x to 8x. When purchasing a drive, the higher the speed the better.

Double-Layer DVDs (DVD+R DL) include 8.5 GB of space as opposed to DVD+/-R DVDs that hold 4.7 GB. This is a nice feature because it allows you to store content on two layers of the disc, for double your pleasure.

Dual Format

Dual Format refers to the ability to burn either DVD+R/RW discs or DVD-R/RW discs, usually at 16x speed.

Internal or External

You're DVD Burner will need to be either installed within your computer's case (internal) or it will sit outside the box (external) and be connected by a USB 2.0 cable to the PC or Laptop.


Lightscribe is a new technology built-in to DVD and CD burners that allows a user to design and create original labels, and then burn them directly on top of the CD or DVD, just like an audio CD or Hollywood DVD.

So now, when you see a DVD Burner that says: Internal 16x Dual-Format Double-Layer DVD Writer, you'll have a much better idea of what you're looking at!
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