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HDD/DVD Recorder


Definition: A Hard Disk Drive (HDD) DVD Recorder is a standalone DVD Recorder that includes an internal Hard Disk Drive. The device can record to DVD disc or to the internal Hard Drive from an external video source, such as Cable or Satellite Television, VCR, or Camcorder. A recorded TV program or home video can also be recorded from the built-in hard drive to DVD disc. Like standard DVD Recorders, HDD/DVD Recorders include a built-in TV Tuner to record TV signals, as well as many different Line inputs and outputs (Composite, S-Video, Component, RCA Audio, etc). HDD/DVD Recorders include a built-in Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) for scheduling TV programs to record in advance. The size of the Hard Disk Drive varies, but the larger the hard drive, the more recording time available.
Also Known As: DVD Recorder with Built-in Hard Drive

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