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Basics for Digital Video Recording

Want to know the basics of using a Digital Video Recorder? This is where you turn to get those quick tips and tricks as well as the first place you should start after installing your first DVR!
  1. Home Theater Glossary
  2. TV/Video Glossary

Few choices in today's DVR market
Understanding why there are so few DVR choices in the market today

Can the DVR Still Change TV?
Can the DVR Still Change TV?

What is MoCA?
Definition of MoCA

Using Switched Digital Video
Using SDV adapters with DVRs.

Just 5 of the reasons a DVR should be your next CE purchase
Why own a DVR? These are just five of the reasons why this versatile consumer device should be your next purchase.

Installing Media Center in Windows 8
Installing Media Center in Windows 8

TV Tuner Setup in Windows 7 Media Center
How to quickly and easily setup your Media Center PC with your TV signal

The most common A/V connections used with STBs
A gallery of A/V connections most commonly used with set-top boxes.

How to choose the DVR that's right for you
A breakdown of the choices available for DVRs

Connecting a Tuning Adapter to your New Moxi
Connecting a Tuning Adapter to a Moxi device for use with Switched Digital Video

Basic Digital Video Recorder Features
A short description of some basic DVR features

Using component cables to connect your STB
Connecting your set-top box via component cables

SageTV HTPC Software
A basic definition of SageTV

Managing Your Recording Space
Running out of room for the latest episodes? Here are some tips for managing your DVR recording space.

Connecting your HDTV to your set-top box using HDMI
How-to connect your HDTV and STB using HDMI

Understanding Copy Protection
Understanding how copy control information works and what it means for DVR recordings.

Electronic Programming Guide
A brief description of an EPG (Electronic Programming Guide)

Microsoft Windows Media Center
A basic definition of Windows Media Center.

What is ATSC?
Definition of the ATSC broadcast standard

What is QAM?
A Definition of the QAM broadcast signal

Time Shifting
A definition of time shifting

What is NTSC?
A Definition of the NTSC broadcast signal

Always Have Something to Watch
A quick tip on how to always have recorded material to watch. No more live TV!

How to setup TiVo Season Passes
How to schedule season passes with TiVo. Never miss another episode!

What is a Combo TV Tuner?
What is a Combo TV Tuner?

A definition of S-Video

Definition of Digital Video Recorder
Definition for DVR

Component Video
A definition of component video signals

Set-top Box (STB)
Definition of set-top box

Definition of Video On Demand Service
Definition of video on demand

Buy a Set Top Digital Video Recorder
What you need to know before you buy a set top digital video recorder ( DVR ). All about digital video recorders ( DVR ).

Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Tip:
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Tip: Watching a TV Show While it Continues to Record

Why Should I Use a Digital Video Recorder Instead of a VCR?
Why Digital Video Recorders are better than VCRs.

The Best Way to Record Sporting Events on a Digital Video Recorder
The Best Way to Record Sports on a DVR.

Top 5 DVR Platforms
A top 5 list of the best DVR solutions available.

Top Picks for Digital Video Recording Gifts - Holidays 2007
The Top 10 Digital Video Recording Gifts for Holidays 2007.

What is a Dual-Tuner Digital Video Recorder?
Learn more about a Dual-Tuner Digital Video Recorder.

Cool DVR Features
The coolest features of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Check out the best features of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).

Digital Video Recorder vs. DVD Recorder with built-in Hard Drive
A FAQ about the Difference between a Digital Video Recorder and a DVD Recorder with built-in Hard Drive.

High Definition (HD) Options for Digital Video Recording (DVR)
An article on the options available for High Definition (HD) Digital Video Recording (DVR).

How do Set Top DVRs work?
Curious about Set Top Digital Video Recorders? Read about how DVRs work.

Connecting a Set Top Digital Video Recorder to a Standard TV
Step by step on connecting a digital video recorder to a standard definition (analog) television.

What are the different Analog Camcorder formats
Learn about Analog Camcorder Formats.

In Terms of Digital Video Recording - What is Padding?
Learn about padding in Digital Video Recorders

What is Season Recording on a Digital Video Recorder?
What is Recording by Season on a Digital Video Recorder?

Home Theater Connection Photo Gallery
A great Photo Gallery of the different connections used in Consumer Electronics devices, from Robert Silva, About Guide to Home Theater.

Composite Video
A definition of composite video.

What is a Hybrid TV Tuner?
What is a Hybrid TV Tuner?

Switched Digital Video
A definition of switched digital video

Definition of CableCARD
What is CableCARD and when might you need one?

PC World Computing Center DVR links
Check out the PC World Computing Center page on Personal Video Recorders

A definition of the "analog hole"
A definition of the analog hole

Defining HDMI
Definition of HDMI

Connecting your DVR to your A/V Receiver
Understanding the various options for connecting a DVR to an A/V Receiver

The Basic Steps in Saving VHS Recordings to DVD
General step by step on moving VHS recordings to DVD

Buy a Video Capture Device
Considerations when choosing a video capture device

Using A Slingbox to Remotely Access Your Content
Using a Slingbox to remotely access your content

Methods for Watching TV While Traveling
Methods for streaming content while away from home

Will Over-the-Top Video Kill the DVR?
Will Over-the-Top Video Kill the DVR?

What Will You Pay for Your DVR?
Computing the cost of various DVR options.

Recording Over-the-Air Content
Digital Video Recording for Over-the-Air

A DVR for Radio?
A DVR for Radio?

Can Apple Customers Handle an Apple DVR?
Can Apple Customers Handle an Apple DVR?

Simple.tv: a Simple Dvr
Simple.TV: A Simple DVR

Should Copy Protection Go Away?
Should Copy Protection Go Away?

New Boxee Steps up the Game
New Boxee Steps Up the Game

Ceton Echo Beta Kicks off
Ceton Echo Beta Kicks Off

DVR Christmas List
DVR Christmas List

Can the WiiU TVii Take Over Your Living Room?
WiiU TVii Coming Soon

Spotify Hits TiVo
Spotify Hits TiVo

Nimble TV First Look
Nimble TV First Look

Definition of S/PDIF
Definition of S/PDIF audio

Over-the-Air Digital Video Recorders
Over-the-Air Digital Video Recorders

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