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What is a Dual-Tuner Digital Video Recorder?


Question: What is a Dual-Tuner Digital Video Recorder?
Cable TV providers, Satellite TV providers and private manufacturers, such as TiVo, are now offering Dual-Tuner Digital Video Recorders. But what exactly is a Dual-Tuner Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?
Answer: A Dual-Tuner Digital Video Recorder is a DVR that records two TV programs to the DVR Hard Drive at the same time. Two television shows can be programmed to record in the same time slot, or one show can be recorded on one Tuner while you watch a program on the other Tuner. With a Dual-Tuner DVR, it is also possible to watch a pre-recorded TV show while the two Tuners are recording other shows. Finally, Dual-Tuner DVRs allow users to switch between Tuners to watch two different TV shows concurrently (usually a sporting event, see the article Recording with Dual Tuners for more on this). Some examples of Dual-Tuner DVRs are the Motorola DCT6412 for Cable Subscribers and the TiVo Series 2 DT.
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