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Top 10 Cool DVR Features


Digital Video Recorders are starting to make there way into the living rooms of millions of consumers. But, what makes DVRs so cool? I've listed my top features that make the Digital Video Recorder cool.

1. Pause Live TV

Pausing Live TV is the bread and butter of the Digital Video Recorder. You never have to miss a minute of your favorite show with this amazing feature. The phone rings while you're watching the big game, no problem, just press the pause button, answer the phone, and hit pause again to resume where you left off. One trick I like with the pause button is to pause a show when it starts, wait 15 minutes, and then fast-forward through commercials when you resume watching. Try it, it works!

2. Fast-Forward Commercials

Speaking of fast-forwarding, skipping through commercials is a great DVR feature. Nothing gives me more pleasure than zipping through ads as I watch my favorite shows. Of course this only works if you are watching a pre-recorded program, are resuming a paused show or you use the method I described above. Either way, fast-forwarding commercials is a cool thing!

3. Rewind Live TV

There are plenty of times when I want to rewind a show I'm watching. Either I missed a bit of dialog, or I want to see a home run shot again, this feature makes it a breeze to watch something over again. Once I'm done rewinding I can easily fast-forward back to Live TV.

4. The On-Screen Program Guide

Where would we be without the On-Screen Program Guide? I like channel surfing as much as the next guy, but being able to view what's coming up days and weeks in advance is one feature I can't live without. It also makes recording TV programs easier, by flipping through the guide and finding the programs you want to record. Every DVR comes with some type of Electronic Programming Guide for scheduling recordings, or just to see what's on next.

5. Searches

The search feature on the DVR's interface makes it easy to find movies, sporting events or other shows that you want to watch. Some DVR's (like TiVo) even let you search by actor or director. A very handy tool for finding the programs you want to watch.

6. Dual Tuners

Dual Tuners on a DVR are great. Dual Tuners let users record two shows at once, record one show while watching another, or watch a previously recorded program while recording two other shows! Switching between tuners is usually as easy as pressing a button on the remote.

7. High Def Recording

Many DVR's today are also High Definition receivers and recorders. Sure HD programs use up a lot more hard drive space than standard def shows, but being able to record High Definition programming is a very cool feature, especially if you own an HDTV to watch them on.

8. Recording a Whole Season of a TV Show

This option is great for automating the recording of your favorite shows without the worry of missing an episode. Just set up the show to record once and instruct it to record as a series and you get every episode of that show. You can even instruct the DVR to record first-run episodes only, or every episode, re-runs and all. A very cool DVR feature!

9. Watch TV on your own Schedule

Not having to be sitting in front of the TV at a certain time to watch your favorite shows is one of the best features of a Digital Video Recorder.

10. Lots of Recording Space

Digital Video Recorders give users hours and hours of recording time for their favorite TV shows. Most DVRs are a minimum of 80 hours, with some going as high as 200-300 hours of recording time, or higher, for standard definition TV. HD programs require more space, a typical DVR can record 20-30 hours of High Definition programming.
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