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If you read here frequently you know that we love Ceton's products. The company only has one software product however and it's gotten a new name and a new home.

Since launching their Media Center Companion App for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, apparently some people have been confused about the use of the app. There was this idea that you had to have a Ceton InfiniTV4 in order to use the app. This simply isn't true. Ever since the beta program for the app, you could use the Companion App with any Media Center or tuner. InfiniTV4s were not required.

Ceton has cleared up any doubt at this point however by changing the name to My Media Center and releasing a new app for Windows 8! Much like the mobile apps, My Media Center for Windows 8 allows you to view and manage all of the content on your home theater PC (HTPC). You have to have the companion services program installed on the HTPC in question but it works much like the others.

Providing a full view of your media collection, the Windows 8 version of My Media Center breaks your content down by TV and movies. You get full guide access, a remote control and other services that allow you to get more information about the content you're watching.

Ceton has continued to push the limits of their app with every update. While they haven't added a ton of features, being available on every platform as well as being able to provide remote control of your HTPC and send content to the HTPC and extenders makes this a must have app for whichever platform you choose to use it on.

The new Windows 8 version of My Media Center is simply gorgeous. Using the Metro style interface, the app is full screen and will run on both Windows 8 Pro and RT desktops, laptops and tablets. Not only is the app beautiful but it connected to my HTPC effortlessly. I currently only have Windows 8 on my laptop but this is the kind of app that makes me want a Surface tablet badly. Excellent layout, gorgeous graphics and overlays and all around fun to use. Expect a full review soon.

Don't misunderstand: My Media Center won't turn your Windows 8 machine into an HTPC. This shouldn't be confusing but many may misunderstand the use of the app. To be honest though, this is what I want Media Center in Windows 8 should be. Microsoft is obviously walking away from the platform but they could have given us this interface and made every Media Center user happy.

Sadly, Microsoft is moving on and while that's sad for Media Center users in general, it's a tragedy that companies like Ceton, who are just hitting their stride, won't have what is really an excellent platform to develop for. Media Center isn't dead as your Windows 7 install will continue to work for many years but I have a feeling that eventually we'll all need to move on. Hopefully to something better. Until then though, enjoy My Media Center. This is the kind of development that can hopefully keep our favorite HTPC software alive that much longer.

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