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What is a Media Center PC?


Question: What is a Media Center PC?
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Answer: A Media Center PC is any computer that runs either the Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Operating System, Windows Vista Premium or Ultimate, or other third party Media Center software, such as SageTV or Beyond TV. Media Center PCs allow users to enjoy digital entertainment on their PC or hook the computer up to a TV System. Media Center PCs act like A/V Receivers. DVD Players, VCRs, CD Players, Televisions, etc. can be connected to the PC.

Media Center PCs allow you to:

• Listen to music through speakers attached to your PC or through your home audio system.

• Watch TV programming (broadcast, cable, or satellite) on your computer monitor.

• Use your computer's hard drive to record and store television programs and play them back later (time shifting), making the computer a DVR (digital video recorder).

• Edit your digital photographs and display them in digital slideshows.

• Edit your digital home movies.

• Listen to local and Internet radio.

• Record music and video files to CD or DVD format so they can be played on other computers, CD and DVD Players, sound systems, etc.

Many computer manufacturers offer Media Center PCs, including, Dell, Gateway, HP and Alienware, among others.
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