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Scheduling is Not Managing

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Scheduling is Not Managing

The grid guide is clean and easy to read. The tabs at the top can take you right to the type of content you want to record.

Adam Thursby

One of the things that owning a Moxi brings you is the ability to schedule and manage TV recordings online through the company's website. All that's required is at least one Moxi device and to take the time to register for an account on the site. Once you've taken these steps, you're ready to begin managing your recordings while away from home or from a PC right in your home office. The issue is that while Moxi does offer SOME recording management options, like the Moxi Mate, it's an incomplete solution that doesn't really qualify for the title "online management".

Accessing the Service

Managing your Moxi recordings online is easy. Simply get the necessary code from your Moxi device, create an account on Moxi.com and enter the code. This will bind your device to your account and you'll be able to manage your recordings and view your grid guide on the site at any time and from anywhere you have an internet connection.

From the guide you can search for shows, as well as use different filter tabs to find the type of programming you're interested in. Tabs include:

  • All Channels
  • HD
  • Movies
  • News
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Top 10

"Top 10" includes shows that have been viewed or scheduled using the Moxi service. This list also shows content that people also liked and are similar to the shows on the list. An interesting way to find shows but limiting it to 10 is a bit shortsighted to me. There are more than 10 popular shows playing, especially during the fall season. This is of course a matter of opinion and it's nice that Moxi offers a look at what people are watching at all.

Overall, the site layout is easy to use and understand. The items in the right hand menu are clear and easy to understand. Each one takes you to a specific feature and once you've taken a look at each page, you'll have no problem navigating the site. From using the guide to schedule individual and season recordings to managing the Moxi devices you own, it's all easy to find.

Coming Up Short

Where the Moxi online service comes up short is, again, much like the company's Moxi Mate device. While you can easily schedule season recordings using the website, there's no way to cancel them. You can cancel individual recordings but if you want to stop recording a series, you'll have to be at home in front of your main Moxi unit. Not only that, but you can't edit a series either. Choosing whether to record every episode, only new episodes or to only record at certain times simply aren't options you'll find as part of the web service. The ability to limit the number of episodes that Moxi keeps before deleting them? It's as if those options simply don't exist.

Not only did I find that I couldn't edit or cancel series, but the episodes that I told Moxi not to record? Those showed back up in my scheduled list a day later. Why I'm unsure, but I was unwilling to go through cancelling 20+ episodes again and simply headed to my living room to cancel the series.


Overall, while Moxi adds some great options, such as the various tabs on the grid guide, the online management of your recordings comes up extremely short. Since you can't do anything other than schedule recordings or series and delete individual recordings, I'd hardly label it as management at all. Not having any of the series recording options available to you makes it an awkward experience when you go into it expecting to be able to actually manage your device.

The company could easily fix the service by simply adding these options. Anything I can do with recording management on the Moxi itself should be available in the web interface. (Just as it should be on the Moxi Mate.) Perhaps they'll add these features over time but until they do, the Moxi online recording management simply isn't worth your time unless you're at work and remember that a new show is starting today. If you won't be home in time to schedule it right on your device then you're set. If you actually want to "manage" your recordings afterwards, you'll have to wait until you get home.

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