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Review of Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5

Review of Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 Cont.

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Capture with DV Camcorder

Things got interesting when I attempted to capture Video from my Sony DV camcorder. The Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 program couldn't detect a second Video Capture device (ADS Tech DVD Xpress). I'm not sure if the problem is the Video Capture device or the Ulead program, but I did find an easy work around. I was able to use the Video Capture software that came with the DVD Xpress to capture video from my camcorder, and then import the video files into DVD MovieFactory 5. Once I had my TV and Video clips into the Ulead program, I was ready to author and burn a DVD.

Author and Burn a DVD

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 lets users edit their video clips by trimming and cutting scenes, and by using a feature called Ad-Zapper to eliminate ads from TV shows. Once you've edited your video to satisfaction, you can move on to creating a DVD menu. Users can create interactive menus with custom titles, music and an introductory clip. Chapters can also be created, either manually or automatically. Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 is easy to use DVD creation software, and I especially liked the ability to create a motion menu with music. With Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 DVD Menu creation is totally customizable, letting users choose their own backgrounds, music and whether you want a motion menu or not. You also have the option of previewing your menu before burning to disc.

DVD Burning with Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5

Once your menu is created, it's time to burn to DVD. Clicking next brings you to the DVD Burning screen where you can see details about your DVD drive, choose how many copies you want, and configure advanced DVD burning settings. When everything is all set, just click on the DVD Burning icon and sit back and let the Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 program burn your DVD, it's as easy as that. Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 created a great DVD that worked in my PC as well as two different DVD players (Sony and JVC).

Conclusions on Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 is a very easy-to-use and affordable DVD Burning program for Windows PC users. What sets it apart from other DVD burning apps is its support for High Definition Camcorders and future support for HD DVD and Blu-ray. To get the HD DVD and Blu-ray burning capabilities, you must download a free HD DVD burning pack from the Ulead Web site, and Blu-ray is not yet available according to a recent Ulead press release. However, since HD DVD and Blu-ray burners are not yet available to consumers (as of this writing), not having the HD DVD and Blu-ray functionality built-in to the program isn't a major issue. I enjoyed using this product, and found it easy to use, without having to constantly refer to the manual. I give Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 four out of five stars.
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