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Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus - USB Video Capture Device and Software

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The Bottom Line

Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus pairs a USB video capture device with the Pinnacle Studio Plus video editing software. The high-speed USB 2.0 device captures video from any analog or digital source. In addition, you can output video to a VCR or analog camcorder. The Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus includes compatibility with the Windows Vista operating system, HD DVD and AVCHD format editing and disc authoring, hi-fi audio music generation, and automatic Web publishing. A nice package for those looking for an all-in-one solution for Capturing, Editing and Recording to their videos to DVD.
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  • USB Capture Device
  • Record Digital and Analog Video
  • Includes Pinnacle Studio 11
  • Edit and Burn HDV and AVCHD Video
  • Includes Firewire and USB cables


  • Video Capture Device has Cheap Feel


  • Capture Analog and Digital Video
  • Captures from HDV and AVCHD Camcorders
  • Edit Video with the included Pinnacle Studio Software
  • USB Capture Device - DV, S-Video and Composite input
  • Includes a Firewire cable to connect a DV, HDV or AVCHD Camcorder
  • Output to VCD, DVD, Camcorder, or Save to Hard Drive

Guide Review - Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus - USB Video Capture Device and Software

Installing the Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus is fairly straight-forward, although it's a bit lengthy. Once you install the Pinnacle Studio Video Editing software included with the USB Video Capture Device, you then attach the USB Device and plug and play detects it and installs the hardware. From there you can connect either a digital or Hi-Def camcorder to the firewire input, or an analog camcorder or VCR to the analog inputs. Start the camcorder and capture the video using Pinnacle Studio. (For more details on Pinnacle Studio, see the Product Review)

What I Liked About Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus

I enjoyed using MovieBox Plus. It was easy to setup and transfer digital, Hi-Def, or analog video to my PC for editing and burning to DVD. The addition of a Firewire input on MovieBox Plus really makes it stand out as far as USB Video Capture devices go. Most USB Capture devices let you capture the USB stream to your computer or analog video, but not via firewire, which is why the MovieBox Plus stands out.

What I Didn't Like About Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus

The only issue I had with MovieBox Plus was the cheap feel and look to the device itself. The device looks like it's made of cheap plastic that looks like it might shatter if dropped. Despite the look of the device, functionally it is very sound and I can easily recommend the Pinnacle Studio MovieBox Plus.
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