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Product Profile: ReplayTV Media Center Software


The First ReplayTV

ReplayTV was one of the original manufacturers of the Digital Video Recorder. They manufactured a hardware unit and created TV software to Pause, Rewind and Record Live TV much like a TiVo. Over the years, ReplayTV came out with several Set-Top Digital Video Recorders that included their own ReplayTV software to run on their DVRs. In the past ReplayTV was very much like TiVo, but through the years ReplayTV couldn't compete with TiVo and decided to get out of the hardware DVR market and concentrate just on software.

The New ReplayTV

Today, ReplayTV has morphed into ReplayTV PC Edition DVR, which is Media Center software that will run on a Windows PC. Instead of a proprietary set-top box like ReplayTV had before, ReplayTV PC Edition DVR is designed to be the software you use in combination with a TV Tuner to bring TV into your PC, display it and record it. Like any Media Center software, the ReplayTV PC Edition DVR lets users Pause and Rewind Live TV, as well as schedule recordings hours or days in advance.

Major Features

Watch TV on your PC Monitor, Record TV shows on the fly or schedule your shows in advance with the ReplayTV Program Guide. While watching Live TV, Pause the show and come back to it later, or Rewind the show to catch some missed dialog. Record an entire season of your favorite shows with one easy set-up.
The ReplayTV software isn't much different from other Media Center software, but it does include some unique features to set it apart from the competition. ReplayTV PC Edition DVR has advanced search methods for quickly finding actors, directors or particular shows that you want to record. One search feature entitled "Suprise Me" will record anything that includes a particular actor, as long as it doesn't conflict with a scheduled recording. ReplayTV PC Edition DVR bills itself as "set and forget", not having to worry about shows overlapping or schedule changes.

ReplayTV PC Edition DVR is new and exciting DVR software for the Windows PC. However, at $99.95 for the first year and $19.95 every year thereafter, ReplayTV PC Edition DVR had better live up to its lofty marketing as one of the best Media Center software packages now available. Try ReplayTV PC Edition DVR for free for 90 days.
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