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Cable ONE Selects TiVo


While TiVo still isn't the strongest company in the world, 2012 has been a strong year for the DVR maker. With more and more cable MSOs realizing that it might be easier to allow TiVo to handle the hardware side of things, they just keep jumping on board.

This month it's Cable ONE. Serving more than 740,000 customers in 19 states, Cable ONE is the tenth largest cable MSO in the US. They've chosen TiVo as their exclusive software provider for all new DVRs that they purchase. Put simply, soon, if you get a DVR from Cable ONE, it'll probably be a TiVo.

While that doesn't translate to 740,000 new TiVo users, it does mean that there are a lot more monthly fees being paid to the company. And TiVo needs it. As usual, TiVo's results haven't been good lately, although better than in the past. A lot of this can be attributed to the deals they've made with cable companies.

What most people don't realize is that your cable company doesn't want to provide you with hardware. At least not any more than they have to. While they may make some money from the monthly fees, for the most part, it costs entirely too much money from them to warehouse, maintain and replace this equipment. If these costs can be passed on to another company, like TiVo, then so much the better as far as they're concerned.

Cable ONE will begin offering TiVo during the first half of 2013. There's no word on whether or not all subscribers will have access at once or if this will be a slow roll-out, which is how most MSOs have handled it in the past.

"The way our subscribers consume video entertainment is rapidly changing and we focused on a solution that will put an extensive amount of content choice right at the viewers' fingertips in a way that is easy to find and watch -- on any screen," said Jerry McKenna, Senior Vice President, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Cable ONE. "Collaborating with TiVo allows us to quickly implement a cost-effective and market-tested offering that immediately gives our subscribers access to the best TV experience on any screen in the home. TiVo's multiplatform solution allows Cable ONE to simultaneously deliver existing QAM linear and next generation IP on demand video experiences which is one more reason we are extremely excited to team up with TiVo and eager to begin the rollout."

According to the press release TiVo put out earlier this month, Cable ONE subscribers can expect to be able to access normal linear programming as well as VoD content. The release also mentions over-the-top video. This statement usually refers to services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. Other MSOs have put restrictions on these services in the past and it'll be interesting to see if Cable ONE allows their subscribers to access them directly on their own hardware. If so, you'll have a fully integrated solution and one that your cable company will still maintain for you.

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