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Spotify Hits TiVo


I find it hard to believe that I missed this one but if you haven't seen it yet, now's your chance. Earlier this month, Spotify came to TiVo Premiere boxes in the United States.

Much like Pandora, Spotify allows you to listen to music you enjoy on multiple platforms. Unlike Pandora however, Spotify also allows you to create your own playlists. If you think of Pandora as internet radio that let's you listen to music you might enjoy, Spotify is a gigantic, on-demand music collection that you can use to build playlists of the specific artists and songs you love.

Bring Entertainment Together

While you'd be correct in assuming that TiVo is mostly for video content, being that it's connected to your HDTV, the company has worked hard to bring music into the spotlight on the platform and adding Spotify service is just another feather in their cap. While we've taken a lot of time to talk about all of the video services that TiVo offers such as Netflix, Amazon VoD and Hulu, many times music gets ignored. That said, if you have a nice A/V receiver in your living room and you haven't taken time to look at the music options with TiVo, you're missing out.

If you're not in the mood to sit down and watch TV or a movie, music can still allow you that escape and TiVo provides almost any sort of music you might be in the mood for. With the services that come built in, which of course now includes Spotify, you can create the perfect mood for a party or any other function you might be holding in your home. The UI for most of the music apps is easy to navigate and shouldn't be confusing in the least.

These music apps are extremely easy to forget but again, if you need to be moving around the house, they're excellent. Not only do you have a selection of built-in applications from which to choose but TiVo also gives you the ability to add custom RSS feeds. Using this feature, you can now bring your favorite podcasts into your TiVo as well. While there are many already listed, if your favorite show isn't one of the pre-loaded ones, you can get it put in and be ready to listen any time.

Speaking of podcasts, TiVo comes loaded with a full featured list of available shows, both audio and video. From tech to politics, if you enjoy listening to shows while out and about, you can listen them at home just as easily directly through your TiVo. While this certainly isn't one of the most popular TiVo features, you can bet that those who use it are glad that the ability is there.

In the end, if we look at all of the streaming audio services that TiVo offers along with the ability to add your own RSS feeds, it serves to flesh out one of the best DVRs on the market and makes it even more useful as the central entertainment hub of your living room.

Getting the ability to access your Spotify account just sweetens the deal and makes TiVo that much more relevant during a time when people say that the DVR is going the way of the VCR. No VCR has ever been able to access all of the streaming content that TiVo can and if cable and satellite companies were on the ball, they'd be looking to emulate, not replace TiVo.

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