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Why Your TiVO Should Be Connected to the Internet


Why Your TiVO Should Be Connected to the Internet

Blockbuster's movie service is just the first of many online movie services you can use right from your TiVo device. Image © TiVo

Adam Thursby

If we learned one thing from this year's Consumer Electronics Show it's that connected devices are quickly taking center stage in 2011. This isn't surprising as CE manufacturers are seeing a big shift in where people view content.

While HDTV manufacturers would love to see you run out to buy the latest internet connected TV from this year's show, you don't need a new TV to enjoy this new content format. If you own a newer model TiVo, the services are there waiting for you. Not only do you get your standard live TV and DVR functionality, but you also have access to literally thousands of Movies, TV shows and even music all using your TiVo Remote.

As you read the following pages to learn about the services you can access, keep in mind that you'll need to have your TiVo device connected to a broadband internet connection to enjoy them. This can be done either using a wired or wireless connection.

Once you're connected to your home network, continue reading to learn where to find the online content you want to view! Note that with each service listed you will find a link which will take you to TiVo's website. Here you can learn how to access each service and which TiVo devices allow you to do so.

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