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If you're a fan of podcasts, you can now listen to them directly through TiVo. You can select some of the most popular or even enter your own URLs to go directly to shows you want to listen to! Image © TiVo

Adam Thursby

Not everything fits directly into audio and video. As such, here's a list of some of the other services you can access using your TiVo. Again, each listing has a link where you can go to learn more about the service.

  • One True Media: If you like sharing your home movies and know relatives or friends who also own TiVos, you can now privately share this content with them without mailing a DVD or sending them to Youtube! More Information
  • Fandango: If you've been watching too many movies at home and need a night out, you can use Fandango to not only find out what's playing at your local Cineplex but also purchase tickets using just your TiVo remote. More Information
  • Pictures: Just like music, you can pull pictures from the PCs in your home to display on your TV. As well, TiVo allows you to access Photobucket and Picasa Web Albums if you use those services.
  • YouTube: Access YouTube and search by keyword, user or category for all the latest web memes.
  • Podcasts: If you enjoy podcasts on your portable device, TiVo gives you away to listen to them at home using several different services or even by URL. More Information

As always, be sure and check the TiVo website to ensure that your model of TiVo can access this content before trying to use it. As well, you'll be required to have your TiVo connected to a broadband internet connection so be sure you've completed that step before trying to connect to online content.

As you can see, TiVo has gone to great lengths to ensure that you not only have access to linear and recorded TV but a lot of other media options as well. This article only lists the more well known or larger services. There are others you may enjoy as well and I encourage you to take the time to try some of these services. You may find something you didn't know was there that will provide hours of entertainment!

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