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Digital Video Recording - Choosing a TV Capture Method

There is a revolution happening in home video recording as more and more people switch from using a VCR to recording television digitally. The VCR is no longer the king of video recording. There are now many alternatives to recording television. These articles will give you information on the different types of recording options and will help you decide which TV capture method is right for you.

Choosing the Best DVR Solution For You
Choosing between service provider and third-party DVRs

Watch Recorded TV From Any Room in the House
There are several options that will allow you to watch your content on any TV in your home. Here we explore some of those options.

Before you buy a DVR
Considerations in choosing a digital video recorder

Deciding on a Set Top Digital Video Recorder
How to decide on a Set Top Digital Video Recorder.

What is a PlaceShifter?
Read about PlaceShifter technology.

Top 5 Digital Video Recording Gifts Over $200
The Top 5 Digital Video Recording Gifts Over $200.

Top 5 Digital Video Recording Gifts Under $200
Check out the top Digital Video Recording ( DVR ) gifts under $200.

Capturing analog video to your PC
A how-to to capture analog video to your PC. What you'll need and how to do it.

Types of Audio and Video Cables for Digital Video Recording
An overview of the types of cables used to connect Digital Recording devices (DVD Recorders, Digital Video Recorders and TV Capture peripherals) to TV or PC.

Skip Commercials - Pause a Live TV Show Before Watching
Learn how to skip commercials by pausing a Live TV show before watching it.

CES 2006 Digital Video Recording Preview
A Preview of CES 2006 related to Digital Video Recording. DVD Recorders, Media Center PCs, Mobile DVRs, Blu-ray, HD-DVD.

Audio and Video Cable Information
A look at the various audio and video cables you're likely to see when connecting a Set Top DVR, a Set Top DVD Recorder or external TV Capture Card.

Choosing a DVR
Choosing your first DVR can be difficult. We're here to help you sort through the pros and cons of each system.

Set-top DVRs In-depth
An in-depth look at the features of today's set-top DVRs

What is Moxi?
A product overview of the Moxi DVR and Moxi Mate extender system

Buy a DVD Recorder
Considerations when buying a DVD recorder

Comparing Video-on-Demand to Digital Video Recording
Comparing Vod Services to Using a DVR

Will Over-the-Top Video Kill the DVR?
Will Over-the-Top Video Kill the DVR?

Leveraging the Cloud for Your DVR
Leveraging the Cloud for Your DVR

TiVo Vs. Verizon: TiVo Wins Again
TiVo Vs. Verizon: TiVo Wins Again

Over-the-Air Digital Video Recorders
Over-the-Air Digital Video Recorders

New Boxee Steps up the Game
New Boxee Steps Up the Game

Can the WiiU TVii Take Over Your Living Room?
WiiU TVii Coming Soon

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